Are Diamondback Bikes Good?

To know about Diamondback as a bicycle brand now, we need to learn about its history.

The company was established years ago in 1977, in Washington, USA. Initially, Diamondback solely manufactured BMX bikes, and it was only after they decided to sponsor star riders that truly catapulted them into superstardom.

After realizing that the company couldn’t sustain on selling BMX bikes alone and in a bid to capture the growing market of mountain biking, the company decided to spread their wings and take the path less traveled.

Thus, Diamondback launched its first mountain bike model, Ridge Runner, in 1982, which gave the company the distinct honor of being the first brand manufacturer to produce mountain bikes.

However, it was their Diamondback Racing mountain bike, released in 1998, which propelled them to the pinnacle of the mountain biking scene. This bike model won a plethora of important awards such as the US Men´s National XC Championships and the bronze in the Atlanta Olympics Women´s XC.

The Diamondback bicycle brand has only gone from strength to strength since then.

Fast forward to the present, Diamondback has a glowing reputation for manufacturing some of the most premium, durable hybrid, road, and mountain bikes around for every price range. The company also offers an excellent line of entry-level bicycles and is thus, usually preferred by beginners.

Looking to gift your loved one a bicycle with positive reviews? Go through some of the things you can expect from a good Diamondback bicycle and you’ll be completely sold.

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Bike Types

Presently, the company offers almost all types of bicycles including fat-tire bikes, BMX, triathlon bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, race-oriented men’s bikes, women-specific bike models, kid’s bikes, and mountain bikes that range from anywhere between $200 to $10K. In short, there is a road bike produced by Diamondback for every rider.

It also helps that the company offers a wide variety of sizes on their bicycles, usually ranging from 3 to 5 different sizes. When it comes to tire sizes, the company offers 20-24” for kids’ bikes, and mountain bikes with 26”, 27.5”, and 29” wheel sizes.

Some of the notable full-suspension bikes offered by Diamondback include the Atroz mountain bike, Clutch, Catch, and Release. As for their hardtail bicycle lineup, the company offers Overdrive mountain bike, Mason, Hook, Line, and Sync´r mountain bike.

For female mountain bikers, the company offers the Lux and Rely mountain bike. In terms of fat bikes, El Oso is their most sought-after fat bikes’ model.  

For time trails, Diamondback has the Andean road bikes’ series.  

Almost all the bikes I’ve mentioned have good online Diamondback bike reviews.

Are Diamondback Bikes Great? 5 Things that Say Yes!

1. Warranty

When a bike manufacturer offers an excellent warranty, it’s one thing that truly goes to show the confidence of the manufacturer in their product.

Also, when it comes to providing unbeatable warranties, Diamondback comes second to none. The company offers a lifetime warranty on frames! For full-suspension mountain bikes, the warranty extends to five years, which is pretty substantial for an MTB.

If your frame breaks down as a result of ordinary usage, you get a new one free of cost. Even if the frame breaks because of a road accident, there’s half a chance that you might still be eligible for the warranty.

Truth be told—in my experience with the Diamondback bikes, I don’t think there’ll ever be a need to use the warranty. Yes, Diamondback mountain bikes are just that strong!

2. Assembly

Most of the Diamondback mountain bikes bought online come pre-assembled. However, you’ll need to have some experience in assembling bikes to set up your Diamondback bike on your own.

If you don´t have the chops to do that, consider ordering “assembly” from Amazon where an expert visits your home and does the job for you. Of course, you can also take the components to your local bike shop for the installation process.

For those riders feeling a bit adventurous, here are some useful guidelines for you to follow.  

Open your package and carefully keep the small parts in a safe space. Then, insert the seat post into the seat tube. After that, make sure the saddle is tightened.

Now, grab hold of your handlebar and attach it to the stem. Next, insert the rear brake clamps and move towards attaching the pedals.

Once you’re done examining the cable lining, you can start installing the brake calipers. After that, get the Thru-Axle through the rims or attach the quick release QR clamps.

Finally, we move towards attaching the wheels and adjusting the calipers, and front and rear derailleurs. Then, inflate the tires and you’re good to go!

3. Frame Material

Frame material on Diamondback bike models differs according to its price.

The material starts with Aluminium 6061 on low-end bicycle models to Carbon frame, Specific Modulous, and Monocoque Competition Road Frame on premium, good models. Also, all the frames are hand-built.

The frame designs on a DB  bike also differ from one to another to fit the anatomy of both the male and female rider and suit their varying riding styles. While budget bikes usually feature a frame design that encourages upright riding, race-performance bikes have a lower bike position to maximize aerodynamics.

4. Bike Components

The company has been fairly successful in finding the magic balance of quality and prices. While their higher offerings possess all the components you’d expect to find in higher-priced bikes, it is their entry-level line that truly provides bang for your buck.

On entry-level Diamondback mountain bikes, you can expect to find Shimano components that can go up to Shimano Di2 premium electrical class or SRAM components. Additionally, you can also find Rockshox and SR Suntour shocks on budget-friendly Diamondback mountain bikes, which is pretty awesome.

Meanwhile, the stems, disc brakes, wheels, saddle posts, and handlebars, are all durable and efficient.

If you scrutinize an entry-level Diamondback bike properly, you’ll see that some corners have been cut to lower the costs. However, you’ll also notice one other thing: the company has gone above and beyond to provide decent Shimano bike components for the price.  

It’s also worth noting that higher-end Diamondback mountain bikes usually benefit from the company’s patented “Knuckle box suspension platform.” This feature facilitates superior pedaling efficiency and small-bump compliance, thereby decreasing overall load to the bike system and increasing its lifespan.

Additionally, the Knuckle box suspension platform also lowers the bike´s center of gravity, enabling the rider to push the Diamondback mountain bikes to their limits at corners and tracks. The revolutionary Knuckle box suspension platform has received plenty of good reviews.

If you study the market, you will see that Diamondback mountain bike models usually cost $200 to $400 less than other bikes of similar quality.

5. Maintenance

Since Diamondback is one of the few companies to sell their mountain bikes online, riders aren’t really tied down to a specific bike shop to get their bike maintenance work done. Any local bike shop will be able to maintain your Diamondback bike without a fuss.

Of course, if you possess the technical know-how and have the essential repair tools, you can perform maintenance work on your Diamondback bike on your own.


Diamondback has worked hard over the years to build a good impression on people.

Don’t believe me? Ask experts around or look at the online Diamondback bike reviews—you´ll find almost everyone and all articles speaking glowingly about Diamondback bikes.

The company is renowned for offering durable, comfortable, efficient, and value-for-money bikes. To top it off, even the customer service is excellent.

Plus, if you visit their official site frequently for information, you’ll see that the company almost always offers crazy good deals.

In short, there are plenty of benefits to owning Diamondback mountain bikes as they make excellent choices for group rides and long cycling sessions.

Looking for a fat bike? If so, go for the El Oso fat bike.

Need an MTB to satisfy your thirst for adventure cycling? Go for the high-end full-suspension Atroz mountain bike models or the Overdrive mountain bike.

On the hunt for a quality Diamondback road bike? Try the Diamondback Century 6 road bike models.

Want a fun race bike that pretty much helps you improve your cycling performance on time trails? Acquire the Andean models.