Are Mongoose Bikes Good?

What are Mongoose bikes? What are some of the products that Mongoose offers? 

These are the questions at the tip of your tongue right now. The Mongoose line of bicycles is huge, and each has been designed to cater to a specific demographic. 

On a broad scale, Mongoose bikes can be categorized into 2 main groups: Consumer models and High-End bikes.

The higher-end ones have more features and are made with professional users in mind. The consumer bikes are expectedly watered down compared to the former and can be found in most bike shops and department stores.

So, how good are Mongoose bikes? Do they hold up well against some select brands in the market?

In this article, we’re going to explore Mongoose bicycle models, what they offer,  and their strengths and weaknesses.

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Who Makes Mongoose Mountain Bikes?

If we were to use longevity as a mark of quality, then Mongoose road bikes will easily pass that test as they have been around far longer than many established bike brands that are considered elite.

The company was established over 45 years ago by Skipp Hess under the name BMX Products Inc. The company defined the cycling world by their BMX bikes brand of bicycles that featured heavily in pop culture through the years.

As time went by and competition rose from new entrants, the company changed hands for the first time in 1985, then in 1995, and finally ended up under Pacific Cycle, a Dorel Industries subsidy, in the 2000s.

The brand went on to branch out into mountain bikes and scooters, experiencing varying degrees of success.

The most success they have seen so far is in their fat tire mountain bikes. The Mongoose Malus, Argus, and Dolomite have become a hit in the entry-level sector.

The combination of quality bikes and affordable prices is what has pushed Mongoose mountain bikes to the top, and they keep improving every year.

Mongoose Bike Reviews

For a conclusive verdict to be arrived at, we have to look at some of the stand out Mongoose bikes. This will be split into 2 main categories: Fat Tire Bikes and Mountain Bikes.

Mongoose Fat Tire Bikes

As far as aesthetics go, Mongoose Fat Tire models are among the best looking in the market. They have colorful rims that support very thick tires that will make heads turn on the road.

The best fat tire Mongoose bikes include the following.

1. Mongoose Dolomite

This is the most popular Mongoose fat tire bike. It has a 7-speed drivetrain with a rear derailleur with a smooth gear transition; it also has bearings in the bottom bracket for easy movements. 

The tires are massive, 26′ by 4″ knobby tires that will roll over anything on the ground without transferring the bike’s shock to the rider.

This bike can support heavy riders who weigh over 300 lb without any issue, and thanks to the reliable disc brakes and a suspension fork, riding through any weather is nothing to be scared of.


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • 7 gears with a smooth rear derailleur
  • Durable steel frame
  • Supports heavy riders
  • Great balance and handling
  • Good for a beginner


  • Heavy
  • Comes in one size not suitable for a tall biker

2. Mongoose Malus

The Malus Mongoose bike was unveiled as an upgrade to the Dolomite and it packs improved features and functionalities. The bike has a mountain style steel frame that can support heavy riders of all types.

It uses similar disc brakes like the Dolomite, which are slightly better as they come with reinforced edges that offer better stopping power. In terms of weight, the Malus is a little lighter than the Dolomite but costs more.


  • Comes in many colors
  • Lighter tires
  • Quality shifters
  • Has an adjustable headset
  • 7-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Powerful front and rear brakes
  • Works like a mountain bike


  • The seat post needs improvement
  • Still heavy by normal standards

3. Mongoose Argus

The final fat tire Mongoose bike is the Argus. It doesn’t differ much from the other two; the only major difference is that the Argus comes with better premium components.

It sports the same 7-speed drivetrain, 26″ tires with reinforced rims for better support of heavier cyclists. The frame is made out of stainless steel, and the mountain bike can handle all types of terrain.


  • Premium gears
  • Can support heavy people
  • Good aesthetics
  • Can handle dirt terrains


  • Expensive
  • Despite modifications, it’s still a heavy bike

Mongoose Mountain Bikes

Mongoose mountain bikes are what propelled the Mongoose brand to success. A Mongoose mountain bike has all the features a rider would need.

Among their many mountain bikes under this category, the two that we’ll look at are Mongoose Excursion and Mongoose Impasse.

1. Mongoose Excursion

Mountain biking is popular and for beginners, this mountain bike is the ideal start. This particular mountain bike is cheap despite being constructed with high-quality components.

This is a full-suspension bike with twist shifters, a durable steel frame, and alloy rims for the wheels backed by powerful brakes. Most mountain bike reviews place the bike as the best one among the ladies, thanks to the positioning of the top bar that makes mounting easy.


  • Strong steel frame
  • 21-speed SRAM twist shifters
  • Powerful linear-pull brakes
  • Adjustable seat
  • full suspension
  • Can support tall riders


  • High price range
  • The chain is a low-end one
  • Not good for trail riding

2. Mongoose Impasse

This is a mountain bike designed with male riders in mind. It has an 18″ aluminum frame that’s supported by 29″ dual disc brakes.

A comfortable seat and raised handlebars give the cyclist the right riding posture that doesn’t strain their backs.

This Mongoose mountain bike has internal cabling, a 21-speed drivetrain,  a 3-piece crankset, and a reliable derailleur.


  • Affordable
  • Impressive stopping power
  • Durable build


  • Lacks offroad comfort
  • A bit heavy
  • No water bottle cage

Mongoose vs. Schwinn

Most reviews agree that the closest high-end competitor to Mongoose would be Schwinn, with the latter having been around for much longer and boasting some of the best bikes around. However, fierce competition and technological advancements have allowed newer bicycle brands like Mongoose to catch up.

So how do the two powerhouses measure up?

Bike Line-Ups

In terms of bike line-ups, Schwinn has an edge. Having been around longer, they’ve had the time to diversify their collection, and at the time of writing this, you’ll find a Schwinn model in every bike category.

Bike Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, the Mongoose is the clear winner. On top of making high-performance BMX  frame products, the models are also made with aesthetics in mind; they understand how easy it is to sway opinion when a bike has a good appearance going for it.

Urban Bikes

These are city bikes people use for their daily movements around the town and in their residential areas. It’s a niche that every bike company tries to conquer.

Mongoose has two broad types of bicycles under this category; one is the Adventure and the other is the Gravel. Some come repurposed as cargo bikes with spaces for carrying limited luggage.

Schwinn commuter bikes are limited. For starters, they don’t have any cargo bike, but they do have a decent line-up of comfortable commuter bikes for all genders and ages.

The Verdict

So, are Mongoose bikes good? A conclusive verdict to this question is almost impossible because it all boils down to personal preferences. What the brand does for you may not be the same as what it does for another person.

There are many parameters you can use to grade these bikes; the two most notable ones are the weight of the bikes and the performance of their kids’ bike line.

Are Mongoose bikes heavy?

Unfortunately, a majority of these bikes are hefty, especially their fat-tire models. In their attempt to make bikes that compete with other big brands, the company may have taken many more liberties with components, which ultimately ended up making the bike a bit too heavy.

Most of the weight is concentrated in the wheels and the steel frames. They may be durable and strong enough to deal with dirt terrains, but for many people, that heaviness can’t be ignored, especially where speed is concerned.

Are Mongoose kids’ bikes good?

As mentioned, BMX bikes have defined the lives of children across the globe for years; their rotating handlebars have played a huge part in popularising the bike to this age group.

The BMX bike brand has all types of kids’ bikes in its catalog, from mountain bikes for teens to small models with training wheels aimed at children below 10 years.

The one thing that has led to the BMX bike being a leader in the kids’ bikes sector is its focus on safety when designing these bikes. They’re all well balanced and calibrated to deal with lightweight children.

The Bottom Line

All factors considered, we can all agree on some facts about these bikes.

The bicycles use quality products that deserve all the hype they have been receiving over the years. Most are constructed using the best materials in the market, which has given them a considerable edge over most brands.

Should you walk into a bike shop and buy a Mongoose bike? The answer is yes, as long as the bike satisfies your needs, then get one by all means necessary.

One clear advantage that draws people towards this bike brand is their price points. The bikes are very affordable, and that should mean something to many bike enthusiasts.

So next time you stroll into one of the many specialty bicycle shops, take your time and ask all the questions needed before making a choice.